Stop doing so much exercise

My friend and wonderful human Dr Bex Scott wrote a fascinating and thought-provoking paper on why we pay for pain, specifically the ‘Tough Mudder’ type assault-course-pain. I love that she has identified this strange desire in humans and thrown light on it. In a world where many of us lead a predominantly sedentary lifestyle, there … Continue reading Stop doing so much exercise

The amazing hour (& other ways to put your phone down)

It’s not uncommon that I find myself frozen except for the fingers, unsure how much time has passed, scrolling along the endless stream of ‘content’. The feeds are especially, mathematically curated for me. Designed to reel me in. Indeed — something called ‘Text Neck’ is now an epidemic, since we spend so long with our necks … Continue reading The amazing hour (& other ways to put your phone down)

Be more punk

Hear the word ‘punk’, and it’s normal to default to a certain studded-and-booted aesthetic and an era of rock music made famous in the 1980s. It’s less common to attribute it with the work of artists, the daily life of those with ‘regular’ jobs and making art work in their spare time and the ones … Continue reading Be more punk

Detach, detach, detach…

‘Shh! Is the baby crying..?’ said my friend’s sister the evening of Christmas Day as he was playing a difficult piano piece he’s been practicing for the last few months. Indeed, her baby was crying. ‘Ah,’ he smiled quietly, ‘that was the best I’ve played that…’ “Detachment means letting go and nonattachment means simply letting … Continue reading Detach, detach, detach…

Lessons from the Cleaning the House workshop

Recently I was lucky enough to be in the right place, at precisely the right time, to be invited to go on Marina Abramovic’s famous Cleaning The House workshop in preparation for performing for her upcoming exhibition at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm early next year. I began the process at the audition on a … Continue reading Lessons from the Cleaning the House workshop

Do it today, start small

Just like with all things, continuing to create the work you make can become tiresome. You go through phases, and sometimes, you just don’t want to. Coming back to the practice can be hard – just making a start on something can be hard. A little like cleaning the bathroom and unpacking the dishes, you … Continue reading Do it today, start small

Gloriously crappy

As kids, we are used to being crappy at things. We are crappy at most stuff most of the time. We go around – from crappy keyboard-playing to crappy maths homework – without a second look. We were all once gloriously crappy at everything we did. We rode our bikes into strangers and painted bizarrely-shaped … Continue reading Gloriously crappy

Make it hot

Finding the energy to make your work great can be hard – sometimes it feels impossible to even begin. How can we create our best artworks? How can our work be as great as the work we love? People, I think I’ve cracked it. Greatness is hotness. Wait, what is hotness? Let’s start with what … Continue reading Make it hot

What’s the big idea?

Creativity is sometimes defined by having a big, important idea. It’s the feeling that if your art work is a reflection of you – a unique imprint that is a result of your experiences and the work of your obscure and mysterious soul – then how do you actually sit down and make it? It’s … Continue reading What’s the big idea?

Betweening: how to find fulfilment

Often we feel like we are missing something. It’s common, if not ubiquitous, to have the sense that you are not ‘leaving anything behind’, or that you should and could be doing more to help fellow man. There’s a desire to be part of something beneficial for the world, to leave a legacy, to make … Continue reading Betweening: how to find fulfilment